Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions or Tooth Removal due to Tooth Disease, Trauma or Crowding: The procedure for dental extraction (tooth removal) is to first reduce the discomfort the gum area, numbing it. There can be some bleeding around the tooth, which is normal in most cases as the tooth is extracted. Over time the bone will fill in where the root of the tooth was previously.

Here are a few tips to take after to make recuperation less demanding:

Abstain from anything that may impact your healing process.
Don’t smoke or flush your mouth with vigor.
Don’t drinking through a straw for 24 hours.
Follow dentist recommendations regarding what to eat and drink during the healing process.

For the initial couple of days, wash / rinse your mouth tenderly. On the off chance that you experience swelling, apply an ice bad or call the dentist immediately. Ask your dentist about the right pain medication to take. Brush and floss around the extraction until your are completely healed.

Keep in mind, today’s dental extractions are much more comfortable than in the past.
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