Dental Implants

Patients by and large have two choices for a missing tooth:

Dental Implant

A titanium root supplanting with tooth crown joined with the insert by a projection.

Dental Bridge

A non-removable substitution tooth underpinned by adjoining teeth crowns.

Benefits of Dental Implant vs. Bridge:
  • Stronger
  • Longer enduring
  • No tooth rot
  • Stops further bone misfortune
  • Simpler to clean and floss
  • Looks more natural than an extension
Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

A missing tooth can cause you issues with chewing your food, create discomfort, create gum disease if not cleaned correctly, your smile might be impacted, your confidence to smile have an impact. There could be other issues such as bone around the root start to create a bone lose and could have long-term health issues.

Don't Sacrifice Cost for Quality

For some the decision between a dental bridges or dental implants boils down to cost, notwithstanding the way that a dental implants are insert is the best, strongest, and longest lasting. Replacing a missing tooth is commonly much higher with the dental implant as the selected choice, but typically has the best results for the patient. The dominant part of our implants are for solitary missing (back) tooth, where the function of the tooth is important.

  • Dental Implant vs. Extension Cost
  • Dental Implant
  • (Back Tooth) 3-Crown Bridge (3 tooth)
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